Fundamental tips for Newbie blogger

Fundamental tips for Newbie blogger

Every blogger who is successful has started as a fresher at blogging and started growing his blogging skills as he progresses in his work. Following the guidelines from time to time and implementing them is the key for a successful blogger. If you are a newbie you have some basic steps to follow and as you get involved in blogging as a experienced you have to take your guidelines to the next level. Here are the few guidelines to be followed as a newbie blogger:-

1. Don’t run hard on Posting

As a newbie you should be like a newbie. The best tips is you should post 1 or 2 posts per day and slightly increase the daily posting. Your readers would feel that as your blog is growing you are increasing your time on posting in the blog.

2. Provide something unique each day

Out of the regular posting in each day, you should post something unique and different so that your reader will save it for further reference.

3. Blog Commenting on other Blog

Don’t feel that you would are the only person who is blogging in this world, there are numerous blogger from all parts of the world and commenting on their blog freshly published articles is a great way to make your presence felt among others and try to become the first commenter. Really its working for me, I post comments in blogs which I refer.

4. Guest Posting on other Blogs

Successful blogger always welcomes Guest Posts with a valid link and about the author at the bottom of the post. Believe its working and recommended by many bloggers as its becomes a valid backlink and brings you traffic from a blog which is already famous. Don’t be hesitated whether the blog owner would approve your post or not, he will approve it because he is getting an article in his blog for free.

5. Friendship with other Blogger in your niche

Doing friendship with other bloggers of your niche would be useful sometime when your in urgency or they would be sharing updates to you.

6. Helping other Bloggers

If any blogger come to you and wants your help, then feel free to help him and they would be your follower friends since then
who seeks your advice (you seek advice from someone else).

7. Stay Updated at Social Networking Site

To make your blog presence felt, social networking site presence is required. Start a Facebook page, Facebook app of your blog, put Retweet button on your blog, start Digging, be a active Stumbler, be active on Twitter and start using Google Buzz.

8. Reply to Comments on your Blog

When I see a comment posted in my blog, first of all I am very happy that someone else has left a comment on my blog and if he has asked me anything then I surely reply to queries in comment. This makes a feel among the people that you are not just posting on your blog for money you are intending to help people through your blog.

9. Goals and Achievements

Last but not least, you have to sets goals and try to achieve them within the time frame. Keep the goal achievable, don’t try to rush in to reach your goal, if you reach very close to your goals that’s fine but that’s not fine for the next time.

I don’t have many followers of me but certainly has few who seek my advice. Hope this articles help them and it helps other blogger who freshly started their blog. Wish you all the best.